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If you are looking to launch a new Android or iOS app, our team can design it, build it, test it and deploy it on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

Web development

We stay on top of the latest technologies and can help you with building your own Website or web app with server support.

Cloud services

If you need to migrate your existing stack to cloud or build a new stack for your product using Amazon Web Services, we can provide the expertise.

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Share and discover travel photo albums.

HindSites is our first product. It is an Android, iOS and Web app focused on creating a worldwide network of travelers and revolutionizing the way these travelers share and discover travel photos.

This is Maverick Labs' own product. We took care of everything from design to development.

Get Me Fit

Get Me Fit is an app that we built for an annual fitness event 'Makeover' taking place at PYC Gymkhana in Pune from January to March (2017). It was the official means of announcement for the event participants, and the participants could browse their fitness readings and exercise plans in the app. The app also had leaderboards for the various teams and groups in the event. It was great fun to see the participants so enthusiastic about fitness and using our app to become even fitter.

Maverick Labs was responsible for the usability, design, and development of the iOS & Android apps.

Orchids Screen

Orchids Breast Health

This is a mobile app for the Orchids Clinic in Pune. The app enables breast cancer patients and their families to learn about it through videos and articles by top oncologists. The patients can use it to learn more about the clinic, and also to order medications.

We were involved with the development of the android app. A lot of focus in this project was on ease of use, to make it accessible to a wide spectrum of users.


MITRA is a teacher resource app currently being used by a large number of teachers across several villages in Maharashtra. It gives the teachers access to free educational content for their classrooms. The content is tailored for every grade and subject by textbook chapters. It is an initiative by Maharashtra Academic Authority.

Maverick Labs developed the Android app and the web app.


SnapKirana is an online e-commerce grocery shop which connects you to your known Kiranawala. It offers discounts and coupon codes for your online grocery shopping. You can buy food and grocery online and get it delivered at your doorstep!

We were involved in improving their existing iOS & Android app.

Zinrelo Screen


Zinrelo (formerly known as ShopSocially) brings loyalty rewards and referral programs, helping to maximize revenue per customer and new customer acquisition through 360-degree customer engagement. It supports omni-channel interactions including desktop web, mobile web, Android & iOS mobile apps.

Maverick Labs was responsible for the development of their Android as well as iOS SDK.

Vuclip Elevate

Vuclip Elevate

Elevate is a web application for the performance appraisal of employees at Vuclip. Employees track their yearly goals and receive 360 degree feedback from their superiors, subordinates and stakeholders.

We developed the web app and backend infrastructure for Elevate.



eCompTrack is a web application used to create, track and manage financial compliances under one hood.

We developed the web app and backend infrastructure for eCompTrack. We were also involved in the database & architecture design of the application.

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