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Mobile app development

If you are looking to launch a new Android or iOS app, our team can design it, build it, test it and deploy it on the Play Store and App Store.

Web development

We stay on top of the latest technologies and can help you with building your own Website or web app with server support.

Cloud service

If you need to migrate your existing stack to cloud or build a new stack for your product using Amazon Web Services, we can provide the expertise.



HindSites helps people to share and discover travel albums. HindSites helps to organize the trip photos of people around the world and revolutionize the way people share their trip albums. Further, people can search for other people's trip albums and follow fellow travellers.

Get me fit
Get me fit

Get Me Fit is an app for three fitness events - “FitPNQ", "Makeover" and "Sports Nursery” taking place in the year 2017 at Pune. These events are organised by PYC Gymkhana, Pune.


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Orchids Breast Health

The Orchids Breast Health mobile app is the new way to connect with Orchids Breast Health clinic. The app allows you to learn about breast cancer; learn about Orchids clinic, its infrastructure and staff; and, allows you to order your medications from Orchids.

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